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We aim to create the best quality Sourdough products at Moorrees, showcasing traditional methods while staying innovative and creative.

We believe that food is best enjoyed when it’s made with care, love, and attention to detail.

Moorrees Cookies is created with Sourdough to ensure the benefits of the slow fermentation process is found in our wholesome treats.


Fresh Sourdough Cookies within 15 minutes from frozen.

Convenient, wholesome treats made from Stoneground Flour and best quality ingredients.

We offer 3 cookie doughs currently:


Peanut Butter

Oats (Vegan)

Moorrees Cookies

The best ingredients and wholesome goodness are the foundation of our recipes.

You can serve freshly baked cookies in 15 minutes from frozen with the knowledge that it is a wholesome treat with the benefit of sourdough. 

Made by us with the intention of love and nurturing.

We’re passionate about what we do and hope you will taste it in our range of cookie doughs!

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